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    EDISON is invited to the Presentation and Training Conference of DIS Technology in Jiangsu Province


    Nanjing Normal University has a long history and has given birth to numbers of talented people. It is not only one of the key universities under the national 211 Project, but also a foundation for cultivating educational talents and continuing education in Jiangsu Province. The beginning of 2010 witnessed the convening of the Presentation and Training Conference of DIS Technology, which is organized by the experts in NNU and attended by the provincial and municipal researchers. As the main product supplier and technology supporter, the General Manager Yin Jianjun of EDISON Company attended the conference and the Deputy General Manager Sha Dehui is invited to make a keynote speech in the conference.
    The atmosphere in the training conference is very active. Professor Ma Hongjia, an expert of chemical education and the secretary of Chemical Teaching Association of Jiangsu Province, provided a live demonstration to the present researchers on the charm of the digital experiment and the new technical world. VERNIERs general agent in China also attended the conference. The experience of showcasing our products with the world-class brand well suggests the excellent performance of our product in the domestic market as well as our ambition to build EDISON into a world-class brand. 


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