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    EDISON Finished the Product Installment and Training Program in Xishuangbanna Ethnic Middle school


    After tense and strict construction, the digital Physics laboratory, digital Chemistry laboratory and digital Biology laboratory in Xishuangbanna Dai minority autonomous prefecture Middle school has been successfully completed. During the construction, EDISON team solved many difficulties through strenuous efforts and round-the-clock work. With much help and care from the school leaders, we finally completed the project and passed the examination.
    As the first project in Yunnan Province, leaders of EDISON Company attached great importance to it and required the working group to adjust to the local demands. As the school had just moved to a new campus, many facilities were still incomplete, posing great challenges for our working team. Yet, our training staff was greatly moved by much help and care received from the whole school. The school leaders gave us personal instructions; all the science teachers spared time to learn the advanced technology. They received the training courses in the evenings and sometimes stayed up until midnight. Users' persistence sets us a good example and encourages us to improve our product and service.

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